You are the light of the

How is my old self destroyed? That is the beautiful realty of what God does to us. But that was not the only response Jesus encountered. Did they not light up your life? Our Lord comes from the general to the particular; from what is almost theory, at best a matter of hope and faith, to hard fact and practice.

you are the salt of the world

When someone is being racist and intolerant all you have to do is be silent about how in Christ there is no Jew nor Gentile. Power has to come outinto the world were they live.

you are the light of the world lyrics

When you encounter a difficult person, remember that they were made and are loved by God. The influence you are to have - if it is to be for the whole world, as indeed it is, must be felt in the neighbourhood in which you live, and a fortiori in the immediate circle of your own home.

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What Does “You are the Light of the World” Mean?