Writing audience and purpose worksheets for 5th

How did the purpose and audience shape the kinds of details that were included? How could you tell? Use the Zoom buttons to navigate in the outline.

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Guide the class in a discussion about other possibilities for writing based on the specific scenarios. Again, note the information on the board or on chart paper. Give individual groups the opportunity to share with the class. You might ask questions such as the following: What was the purpose of the article? After each group has had an opportunity to create a plan, invite students to share. Once the presentations have been completed, ask students to identify how audience and purpose shaped the similarities and differences among the presentations. Reorder information using the Up and Down arrows. Note these observations on the board. If students have difficulty getting started, ask them about possible positions first e. Working in their groups, ask students to work through the questions in the Audience Analysis Inventory for their particular audience.

Have students make additions and revisions as necessary. Why was the order of the information appropriate for the audience? Once students have completed the Audience Analysis Inventoryask each group to brainstorm ways that they would convince the particular audience of the specific position on the trial.

Indent and outdent subsections. Display and demonstrate the Audience Analysis Inventory for the class. Next, ask students to identify how the purpose and audience for the article shaped the text itself.

stated and implied authors purpose worksheets

How could you tell who the audience for the article was? Check the printouts from the Audience Analysis Inventory for completion and effort. Explain to the students that they will be learning about writing with consideration given to both their intended audience and the purpose of their writing.

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Exploring Audience and Purpose with a Single Issue