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I presume you've asked their opinion on this?

Workplace near home,

In this way you might become bored with your daily routine and miss out on some inspiration for ways to spend your leisure time either, and find out about the events in the neighbourhood that you usually get from other people. If you only have to be in the office, say, three times a week, fuel costs will be reduced considerably and being stuck in traffic for the days you have to come in will also become a little more bearable. You sound tempted. Let us first look at the advantages of having a job close to home. Cons You may forget to clock out. There are, of course, also fees involved when making use of these services and prices vary depending on where you travel from. For Denton, the positives of home-based work center around the flexibility mentioned above: being able to balance the demands of others who depend on your help with the demands of paid work. If it takes you an hour or two to drive to a station,chances are good that you will get stuck in morning and evening traffic, meaning that this is not a worthwhile option. Want to work from home? As a member, you can get career advice and strategies sent directly to your inbox. For instance, you might be not too very welcome when you just sit with one cup of coffee all day long. It is more important what you do with them, not how much time you spend switched off to them with other worries. This gives you the absolute flexibility to schedule your workflow according to your preference, wherever you are.

If you live in Gauteng you should consider using the Gautrain. But never do it just for the money. For one person, an hour commute may be easy, for another, it will be a terrible burden.

Your weekends become extremely important when you are away for most of the week.

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That being said, whether or not this approach will work for you, depends by and large on how close you live to a Gautrain station. Maybe you ride a bike to work good luck with that in the winter, and with our legendary Boston drivers.

Working far from home

It's one of the best ways to get quality produce for the cheap while skipping the grocery store markup. A remote job is the best possible opportunity for an avid traveler, who on one hand needs to continually earn money and on the other hates staying in one place. For instance, you might be not too very welcome when you just sit with one cup of coffee all day long. Of course, you might need to stay in touch with the in-office team and then your schedule becomes more in line with those working standards, but still there is much more freedom in it, compared to a typical office day. You sound tempted. Second, the devil is in the detail. Dr Hillary J Shaw, Newport, Shropshire Plan your exit We lived apart for four days a week for a year, for career reasons, when our son was very young. When it's not farmer's market season, I'm only 15 minutes from a really affordable grocery store and that's going out of my way to avoid some of the less favorable big box stores, like Wal-Mart. Your Taxes Working from Home Working from home often implies setting up a sole proprietorship. The following two tabs change content below. When your home becomes your office, it empowers you to include some household expenses as business costs too. For one person, an hour commute may be easy, for another, it will be a terrible burden. This beckons the question whether it is possible to have the best of both worlds? How far do you commute, and what makes it easier to manage? Then you technically become an entrepreneur, so you issue invoices, pay taxes and can generate some extra costs to decrease those taxes.

Listen to new music. It's pretty miserable at times so the money better be worth what you are going to lose in terms of quality of life.

They argue that it saves money.

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Commuting For A Job: When Is It Worth It? How Far, How Long?