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What sizes do the paper backed veneer sheets come in? The process of applying a paperbacked veneer with contact cement or PSA requires the use of a scraper tool which can smear or scratch the finish.

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The appearance of the grain and figure in wood comes from slicing through the growth rings of a tree and depends upon the angle at which the wood is sliced. Anything less will have mineral streaks, bark, sapwood, or other defects. In this way, none of the wood is wasted. It simply does not concentrate enough pressure over the contact surface to create a durable bond. One way to mitigate the penetration of a lacquer or penetrating finish on a paper backed wood sheet is to apply a coat or two of shellac first, then finish off the process with lacquer. You will never see a gap or filler in the joint. Two-ply veneer can be cut with a hand saw. They usually will not buckle unless the humidity levels are extreme. How flexible and bendable is a paper backed wood veneer sheet? How do I stain and finish a veneered project? Advantages If you have a large project to veneer, you'll find that a backed veneer is easier to work with because it is available in large sheets. The veneer can then be applied to the MDF. Be sure to scrape the entire surface of the veneer using the centerline technique to achieve a maximum strength bond. Wood on Wood Also called 2-ply is a decorative wood veneer face with a utility grade wood backer applied at an opposing direction to the face veneer. Then apply the PSA veneer.

Be aware that Lacquers and penetrating finishes might penetrate through a paper backed veneer to the glue layer. Most manufacturers recommend scraping the surface twice.

Water-based contact cement generally requires only one coat per side.

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Can I use paperbacked veneer on exterior projects? PSA Veneer Veneers with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing require a veneer scraper to seat the adhesive and veneer firmly to the substrate.

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Allow the veneer and substrate to acclimate in the same work area for 48 hours. Super-Soft Veneer Softener can be lightly applied to paperbacked veneer.

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With the ability to join veneers, even small pieces are usable, resulting in very little waste. This is helpful for users that do not wish to join smaller pieces of raw veneers together. The individual veneers used to make sheet of backed veneer can range from 3" to 8" in width. How do I cut and trim a backed veneer? Paperbacked veneer can be cut to size with scissors or a razor knife. Because the "tight" and "loose" faces alternate in adjacent pieces of veneer in book matching, they may accept stain differently. This will expose wood grain that will need to be stained again.
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