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View Image of Page 83 Paul was awakened next morning by a painful throbbing in his head and feet. But he didn't go to his friend's house.

It's almost as if we as readers are as much in a fantasy world as Paul is himself. Maybe you're the too-cool-for-school, prom-court-winning, awesome-party-throwing poster boy for a Colgate commercial. Paul took one of the blossoms carefully from his coat and scooped a little hole in the snow, where he covered it up.

And sometimes, as we find out at the end of the story and as any pioneer could tell you , life is a little hard on dreamers. This latter request he had to repeat, as his father, on principle, did not like to hear requests for money, whether much or little. And that someday your real family would come and you'd jet off to some fabulous new life? The rumor had reached Pittsburg that the boy had been seen in a New York hotel, and his father had gone East to find him and bring him home. From the time he slipped the bank-notes into his pocket until he boarded the night train for New York, he had not known a moment's hesitation. He was always considerably excited while he dressed, twanging all over to the tuning of the strings and the preliminary flourishes of the horns in the music-room; but to-night he seemed quite beside himself, and he teased and plagued the boys until, telling him that he was crazy, they put him down on the floor and sat on him. The astonished woman could scarcely have been more hurt and embarrassed had he struck at her. They loved arithmetic.

He was not a poor man, but he had a worthy ambition to come up in the world. The carnations in his coat were drooping with the cold, he noticed, their red glory all over. A long, black stream of carriages poured down the avenue, intersected here and there by other streams, tending horizontally.

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WCA: "Paul's Case"