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Mixed-species infections largely assumed an interim position. Wenlock Hospital beds is the largest governmental hospital in Mangaluru offering treatment particularly for the economically deprived part of the population.

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The proportion of low income was highest among falciparum malaria patients and ownership of wealth indicators e. However, severe vivax malaria has been increasingly reported in recent years, particularly from India [ 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 ]: among those hospitalized with P. Severe malaria was defined based on the current WHO definition [ 23 ] with some modifications. In , Wenlock Hospital reported malaria cases, Patients were enrolled into the study upon microscopic diagnosis of malaria, and all study participants provided informed written consent. From June to December , during the peak malaria season, malaria patients were recruited at the malaria diagnostic unit during the operating hours of the outpatient department — Among these, P. In Wenlock Hospital, the largest governmental hospital, the clinical, parasitological and biochemical characteristics of malaria patients were assessed. As compared to patients with P. Vivax malaria Socio-demographic factors had limited influence on parasite species. The role of mixed P. Migration and origin did not overtly affect parasite species; nevertheless, P. The CSCMi is a close partnership between Indian and United States scientists, and aims to address major gaps in our understanding of the complexity of malaria in India, including changing patterns of epidemiology, vector biology and control, drug resistance, and parasite genomics. Mixed-species infections largely assumed an interim position.

We hope that such a multidisciplinary approach that integrates clinical and field studies with laboratory, molecular, and genomic methods will provide a powerful combination for malaria control and prevention in India. Some experts argue that this is a serious underestimation and that the actual number of malaria cases per year is likely between 9 and 50 times greater, with an approximate fold underestimation of malaria-related mortality.

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Nevertheless, prevalence syndromes and fatality of severe vivax malaria appears to differ with defining criteria, age, endemicity and geographical setting, and rate of co-morbidities, among others [ 3 , 6 ]. Published data on the current clinical presentation of malaria in Mangaluru are virtually absent. Plasmodium vivax has long been regarded a rather benign disease, irrespective of its substantial morbidity in Asia and Central and South America. Patients were enrolled into the study upon microscopic diagnosis of malaria, and all study participants provided informed written consent. The role of mixed P. Abstract Malaria is a major public health problem in India and one which contributes significantly to the overall malaria burden in Southeast Asia. Also, they tended to more commonly have anaemia and increased creatinine levels, and to be hospitalized 7. More than two-thirds had incomplete or no formal education. In Mangaluru population approximately , , a harbour city in Karnataka, southern India, malaria shows particular characteristics. Patients attending at other times were not considered. Methods During the peak malaria season in June to December , outpatients were interviewed and clinically assessed.

The present study aimed at providing a description of the manifestation of malaria at the largest governmental health facility in Mangaluru, the bed Wenlock Hospital, and to specifically assess differences between P.

Anopheles stephensi is the perdominant vector in this area [ 21 ]. Vivax malaria This contrasts with the reported pattern of manifestation in other parts of India, which requires the analysis of underlying causes.

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Such claims reinforce the need for robust and comprehensive epidemiological surveillance studies across the country Singh et al.

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Manifestation of malaria in Mangaluru, southern India