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Yet attitudes toward gay men serve different functions in different individuals, and hostility toward gay men may be motivated by a number of factors.

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Clearly, not all religions, or more specifically churches, preach homophobic messages, however, religion as an institution, in general, has played a large role in fueling homophobia in society. For those in support of same-sex marriage, the most significant reason was that banning same-sex marriage is discriminatory. School officials must be permitted and comfortable with addressing issues of homosexuality and homophobia that students may have. Due to the limited availability of research and other literature on violence directed against sexual minorities, the information presented herein focuses predominantly on White lesbians and gay men in metropolitan areas who are, disproportionately, well educated and of higher socioeconomic status. Initial Research: After deciding on this theme, I did a lot of different research. The people who are homophobic continue to blindly perpetuate fictional stereotypes, while real people are hurt by the hatred. He states that men, whether consciously or subconsciously, fear being ostracized as being too feminine by other males, and it is this fear which continues a cycle of homophobia and exclusion within masculinity.

Gender differences in these indicators explain higher levels of acceptance regarding sexual diversity among women. Homophobia is usually expressed through verbal abuse including name-calling and teasing and there are relatively few violent actions against lesbians and gays.

The results also demonstrated that organizational climate was associated positively with job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job involvement, and career-efficacy.

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To render authentic occupational therapy services to gay and lesbian individuals, occupational therapists must first be aware of their own attitudes toward such individuals and then recognize the effect those attitudes may have in the client-practitioner relationship.

Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Bisexual and transgender individuals are, as yet, grossly under-represented in the available literature.

In the United States, few endeavors were made to make backing bunches supporting gay and lesbian connections until after World War II, albeit prewar gay life prospered in urban focuses, for example, Greenwich Village and Harlem amid the Harlem Renaissance of the s.

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Homophobia and Homonegativety: Dissertation Abstracts