The teleological argument

The earlier case of the alleged poisoning of the rich uncle by the niece is a simple example of this. And finally the fraction of this one cosmos both spatially and temporally available to our inspection is extraordinarily small—not a promising basis for a cosmically general conclusion. That straight lines traveled by light rays is so would seem to many to be less obvious.

And while 2 may be true in specific cases of human artifacts a, that fact is only made relevant to natural phenomena e via 3which underpins the transfer of the key attribution. For instance, over two centuries before Darwin, Bacon wrote: God … doth accomplish and fulfill his divine will [by ways] not immediate and direct, but by compass; not violating Nature, which is his own law upon the creation.

Furthermore, taking design to be the best explanation for something requires prior identification of the appropriate properties as design-relevant, and that recognition must have a different basis.

Similarly, it has been held that we sometimes immediately recognize that order of the requisite sort just is a sign of mind and intent. Several distinct answers are canvassed in the following sections. A Critique of Intelligent Design Theory: The "Intelligent Design ID Movement" is comprised of a diverse group of persons - including philosophers, lawyers, theologians, public policy advocates, and scientific or technical professionals - who believe that contemporary evolutionary theory is inadequate to explain the diversity and complexity of life on Earth.

teleological argument strengths and weaknesses

Intricate, dynamic, stable, functioning order of the sort we encounter in nature was frequently placed in this category.

These individual parts have no purpose except in the function of the whole.

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Teleological Arguments for God’s Existence (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)