The shattering of the color barrier a jackie robinson story

In a prerelease interview, writer and director Brian Hegleland explained that in writing the script, he "was trying to make sure every moment was documented.

Early in his review of 42, chief New York Times film critic A.

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Yes, not an outlandish observation. InRobinson was court-martialed after refusing to move to the back of an Army bus in Fort Hood, Texas, where he was stationed as a second lieutenant.

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Rickey, do you want a ballplayer who's afraid to fight back? That ever experienced by Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player in the American professional league, Major League Baseball in It was also broken because his son and namesake, Jackie Jr.

See other baseball pictures. Jackie Robinson. While there was no written rule in place banning black players from suiting up for professional clubs, big league owners had operated under an unwritten agreement to keep African-Americans off their teams since [sources: CorcoranDreierRegan ].

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Having the courage to fight for what is right, Jackie broke the imaginary color barrier that has covered major league baseball for years. It happened in , when Jackie Robinson, an African-American athlete, began playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers under the watchful eye of their owner, Branch Rickey. I would defy anyone who was "there" in the late s and the early s, when Brooklyn's Dodgers became the "Jackie Robinson Dodgers" and number 42 became the pride and hero of virtually every Brooklynite, not to enjoy, be deeply moved, and be inspired by this carefully researched and documented account of the shattering of Major League Baseball's color barrier. Wanna make some-thin' o' dat? Often overlooked in the story of Robinson's crowning achievement, however, are all the non-white players who had already been playing on baseball's biggest stage before he landed in Brooklyn [sources: Dreier , University of Illinois ]. Richard M. Getty Images Cincinnati had also been the site of one of the great pieces of mythology in baseball history. Could someone complain that the film at two hours and eight minutes goes on a bit too long, the "point" having been gotten sooner than that?

And boys, he's only the first. Robinson helped to crush the stigma that existed between the segregated leagues. He not only was one of the best baseball players of his time, but he had to play baseball while being the most hated man in the league because of his skin color.

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Could someone complain that the film at two hours and eight minutes goes on a bit too long, the "point" having been gotten sooner than that?

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Did Jackie Robinson Really Break Baseball's Color Barrier?