The process of in vitro fertilization

Eggs that appear healthy and mature will be mixed with sperm to attempt to create embryos. Women can have eggs harvested from their ovaries and frozen in an unfertilized state for later use.

A pregnancy with multiple fetuses carries a higher risk of early labor and low birth weight than pregnancy with a single fetus does. What will you do with any extra embryos? In vitro fertilization IVF is the most effective, commonly performed and final infertility treatment in the world.

ivf plan

Good embryos not used for transfer are usually frozen in case the cycle is not successful or a couple wants more children following a successful first cycle.

These medications stimulate more than one egg to develop at a time. Pre-cycle testing includes hormonal evaluation to assess thyroid function and ovarian reserve, screening both partners for sexually transmitted infection, and a semen analysis of the male partner.

If you become pregnant, however, your symptoms might last several weeks.

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How is IVF Done