The efforts required in an intercultural marriage essay

Although as the results of the study have shown that women usually take a bigger role and experience a higher degree of change in their personal life, both parties have to sacrifice a part of their well being to be able to attain a compromise and achieve a successful life together.

marriage in different cultures essay

Culture is a system of shared beliefs and values and is constantly evolving and changing around the world. These factors concern every aspect of the life shared by the couple.

Cross cultural marriage in india

Generally, all families value their own ideas, custom, tradition, lifestyles and they feel these have to be immortalize in the lives of their children and their grandchildren. Foran example the way of celebrating Christmas is different in Germany rather than America. It is worth the work and time to encourage your kids to learn the native language of their father or mother as well as the traditions of that culture. The issues that can be considered that has the most influential effects on the union of two persons from different backgrounds are the norms, tradition and the language that is mainly used for communication. Bilingual children In some families where each parent comes from a different country, their children will naturally grow up bilingual. Do these interests or aspects vary with change in age? Just like being married by the courts some do not consider that marriage, but some do it anyway, due to it being cheaper than a wedding and to avoid all the hassles of planning one Yes, I was. She gives explicit encounters on the labor detail job of a woman, from cooking, to cleaning, to ironing, to sexual interactions. Maybe you have just been thinking about what you could achieve in your future. Even the simplest factors can be the cause of misunderstandings. The dedication that is required from the individuals is higher because of the accepted facts that there are added factors that are in need of consideration Romano, Divorce is by no means a pleasant experience to male or female. Now, I do believe that as a wife, there are specifics that are wanted in a marriage, but nothing stated as a demand. Having a strong faith base and volunteering is the two greatest intercultural communication character traits that we desire to pass along to our children.

For example, if you are American and marry an Asian woman, you may learn to use dark sesame oil, a common ingredient in stir-fry, to add a nutty, rich flavor.

An intercultural marriage spouse speaks different mother tongue language, lack of language is the very big problem to remain in their life. Today millions of families across the world are united in race and ethnic groups; however, problems still seem consistent within interracial marriages.

They must love each other for better and for worse. A lot of times people only discuss the struggles of being in an intercultural relationship, but I have found that the benefits far out-weigh the bad.

cross cultural marriages contribute to racial tolerance
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Intercultural Marriage Essay Example