Tarang marketing segmentation and target marketing

We did not focus on our plastic interiors, valves, gears, forgings or machine businesses.

Tarang milk

Haan abhi chayee bhi khud bana ker piyun ga. This is a very important thing for any auto component player to have, we cannot be dependent on somebody else. Where we are not showing that much of focus and should show more focus is our four-wheeler lighting business. I think the LED lighting penetration overall is growing very fast. Engro has invested heavily in milk processing and milk collection infrastructure. On drinking he makes bad face as if he don t like the milk and puts the cup back on counter. That is where we have around 4 percent market share of the global vehicle market, which is about 90 million cars.

Because of the kind of growth rates that we have enjoyed in the past, if want the same or higher growth rates, then the launches we do need to be flawless. From a turnover of Rs 1 crore in to Rs 11, crore in FY and the latest company to go public.

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And going forward, our benchmark is 20percent, something that we would realise in the near future. Although green tea is becoming increasingly popular, tea with milk is still the most popular form of consumption of tea in Pakistan.

We will enter the space around when BSVI norms kickin and when we will also be a supplier. Varroc Engineering has come a long way.

If you are growing at the rate that we want to grow, then you have to be able to acquire good talent. There are huge opportunities because what is happening out of the products 16 that we have in the two- and three-wheeler segments.

Tarang marketing segmentation and target marketing

Kitchen is visible in the background. Business to business marketing strategies can be applied in this segment. What I understand is in the next years, the penetration in the case of headlamps be close to 30 percent for LEDs globally and in the case of the rear lamps will almost be almost 70 percent. Target Market There are two main target segments for Tarang milk tea whitener. Begum to hain hi nahi, woh apni ammi kay yahan gayee hoyee hain kafi dinoon say. In their ads, Tarang powder has targeted the Home users segments. As you correctly said, 84 percent of our business is engine agnostic. But that is not enough for us to grow market share. One area that we would have to be more sensitive and cognisant of is the new launches. In industrial segments, the objective of advertising is to change the brand through low cost. Where do you see some challenges as an industry player?

We are looking at opportunities in the lighting space for cars but there are not too many available. Aur kafi mushkil say guzar rahi hai. Again emotional appeal is also added for industrial consumers.

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