Sudha chandran

She is also one among the judges in popular reality show Super Dancer Junior Series on Amrita TV and was a judge for the reality dance show Maanada Mayilada in the sixth season.

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She enjoys South Indian cuisine, especially rasam rice and papadam and dining out at her favorite restaurants Green House and The Class in Mumbai. Their relationship was based on mutual love and respect and was not held back by her disability. However, she quotes that the accident had already depleted her faith in the Divine.

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By now, she had performed at a number of venues and events, and for her, it was just the beginning of the show. These comments strengthened her resolve, and she decided to re-learn the skill that was her whole life and was as familiar to her as breathing: dancing. But it is that very incident that makes her who she is, makes her a force to be reckoned with and a subject that inspires awe and respect. The opposition was based on the fact that Dang was a Punjabi and Chandran was Tamil. This led to her foot developing gangrene, a condition where the body tissue dies. Her passion for dance began at the tender age of three and a half years old. She drew in the attention of the local news. It was, however, opposed by her parents. Her performance was such that she received a standing ovation. The painfully slow process coupled with her iron-clad willpower forced her through the phases and it paid off. It consumed her young life, eating up most of her day — she would attend dance practices after school and return home at nine-thirty in the evening. The drama was produced by Ekta Kapoor for Star Plus.

Sudha is often cited as a symbol of "will power". Sudha Chandran was set on the road to her destiny by an unfortunate occurrence. She used her misfortunes as a fuel for the fire, which burned so strongly and forcefully that she overcame the impossible.

Sudha chandran

Chandhran met her husband, assistant director Ravi Dang on the set of Sita-Salma-Suzie for the first time. Sudha Chandran is a breathing example of perseverance and hard work, a true role model for the women who have been set back, who lack the courage, and those who are too afraid.

Her life is an example of how nothing can prevent you from achieving your dreams if you put your mind to it and have the force of a strong willpower at your back.

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