Significance of the study in early pregnancy

teenage pregnancy

Each year, it is estimated that someadolescent females become parents before completing high school in the United States. Bar Chart 4.

Significance of the study in early pregnancy

PIP: The significance of pregnancy for adolescent women is usually related to unconscious motivations. This is the case because there is no data on the number of girls who get pregnant while in school but only data on those who leave school because they are about to give birth Cynthia B.

Given the fluidity of the traditional African marriage process, the onset of sexual relations and childbearing prior to formalizing a union was not unknown in Kenya in the past Meekers They blamed lack of parental care, control and supervision, for some single parent families who are unable to properly support their families as being some of the reasons that led to some of them getting pregnant.

Research project on teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is one of the social ills that affect society. A growth in the percentage of girls attending school after puberty inevitably leads to a rise in the risk of pregnancy among students being that they are already sexually active. Literature Review 2. Introduction Recent studies have investigated the degree to which pregnancy related school dropout was a major cause of gender differences in educational attainment [6]. What are their needs and the fears, anxieties and feelings of loneliness and depression that early sexual activity has not been able to allay? Findings in this study revealed that the impact of teenage pregnancy on the education of the girl child, expecting mothers and mothering teenagers at school level generally perform poorly as compared to their performance before. Introduction Spencer [1] defines teenage pregnancy as pregnancy occurring in a young girl between the age of 13 and 19, whereas Macleod [2] defines it as a social problem in which adult practices and functions sexual intercourse, reproduction, mothering are displayed by a person who, owing to her age and developmental status, is not-yet-adult, that is, adult, but not adult, child, but not child.

To investigate factors predisposing high school girls to teenage pregnancies iii. Except in qualitative studies, the simultaneous decisions related to pregnancy and leaving school are rarely examined.

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