Sample college essays about culture shock

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Moving to Linden, I was the one of a few students who seemed to really know about different cultures and was able to embrace them. Culture; differentiate one societal group from another by identification beliefs, behaviors, language, traditions, Art, fashion styles, food, religion, politics, and economic systems. I remembered my first English class in Australia, which gave me a big 'cultural shock'. I am an Italian descendant born in a Portuguese colonised country Brazil , and I currently live in Australia How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Basically this stage is when the individual reaches a self-actualized state of being in which they choose to explore the diversity of the world, while still maintaining their sense of self as a changing being. But when translated to limited English words, it became butchered. It is evident that man has constantly felt the breath of changing values and cultural shock breathing down his neck, following him relentlessly over ages and posing him the same apparent danger that we claim to face today Own abilities 3. This problem lingered until I explained myself out. It is important to offer solutions in a culture shock essay. American culture is difficult to understand However, it does not show the downsides that could occur due to this process. I have never struggled with the idea of adapting to a new environment, simply because moving place to place has been a constant factor in my life. My culture shock revolved around the idea of being subjected to a set of ideas that I had never been subjected to.

American Culture Essays An American culture essay would sound like a piece of cake but in reality could be as challenging as any other essay especially because America is considered to be a young nation.

In the end, I learned to accept my names, regardless of pronunciation or history, because my names reflect on what others see me as.

To explain it, it is the traditional culture that is unable to resist the invading one America is often called a melting pot because for hundreds of years people from all over the world have come to seek the American Dream In certain situations messages can get mixed between people who are from different cultures.

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Body: 1. They came from different economies, social structures, customs and political values.

Sample college essays about culture shock

If this is correct, then it can be assumed that it is not impossible to learn new cultural traits and to unlearn old ones. Does that sound nice to you?? We are familiar with the people around our surroundings. Culture shock is a new worrying concern for few immigrants. It is developing equally across the world because there are now more ways to travel. Cultural shock argumentative essay. Help to know about new country and culture 2.

Although many people will have different signs of culture shock, it is never hard to tell that someone is suffering from culture shocks. It is possible for them to experience loss of appetite, loss of energy, headaches, and gastrointestinal problems.

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Millions of students have to face the overwhelming challenge of living thousands miles away home and adapting to their new environment without disregarding their studies.

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Culture Shock College Essay