Recess time in my school

All this shows that change is badly needed.

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The students of lower classes play with balls in the playground. It comes after four periods continuous study.

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After four periods we generally avail of a recess. While it is true, there is not much we can do about standing on a cold playground, there is much we can do about the conflicts or boredom which can lead to fights and arguments that spill over into a classroom and impact instructional time. They also switch on radio and T. When the students come out of their classrooms, they relax them- selves in different ways. Certainly, one will also see some pupils running here and therealong the passageway while the others just loiter around. However, a few brave principals across the nation are doing just that and bringing a long-standing school tradition to an end. And much to the delight of students and parents alike, recess appears to be on the upswing. All the sorrows of being scolded and getting bad marks are forgotten. It is certainly pleasant to study in a spick and span class room. Some students are tempted to buy fruits and biscuits from the vendors who wait outside the school gate. One can go either to canteen or to library. Just ask any playground supervisor. Some weak or absent students complete their home work. It gives us immense delight. They relax and take Tiffin.

As soon as the recess period is over, the happy mood of the students goes away. We get tea, fruits, and other things in canteen.

Essay on recess period of my school

Our mind rests and relaxes after so many classes. It gives us immense delight. Some of the hawkers are not able to serve the customers at once. The main motto is how to refresh for further study. Some prefects are on duty to control these "uncivilised people". They also switch on radio and T. They wish to remain away from the dull atmosphere of the class. Listed below are some alternatives to withholding recess. Seats are neat and clean. Some schools have canteens.

Some even have to stand in a queue for a while to use the toilets. They go out.

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One can go either to canteen or to library. Seats are neat and clean. They want to be free for some time.

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A few are seen trying to solve additional Maths or Physics problems. They are advocating recess before lunch. Children played a chaotic version of soccer that led to brawls and name calling. So everybody likes it after hard work. They relax and take Tiffin. Very often you will hear the hawkers' screaming at the top of their voices to control the students from pushing and shoving. The boys belonging to middle class families eat some cheap things, which they buy from the hawkers, who reach school by the time of recess period.
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