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After practicing the diamante format in a shared writing experience, students construct their own diamante poems illustrating cause-and-effect scenarios of their choice. For instance, the poem can be all about chocolate ice cream or about ice cream and hot chocolate.

Students are more excited about word study when it is presented in an engaging manner, usually by integrating it into other activities that demonstrate its importance and allow students to make connections to real reading and writing activities.

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Learning Objectives: In this lesson, students will have opportunities to: Develop critical thinking skills by defining and identifying cause and effect and generating examples of cause and effect statements.

The poem's seven lines may be used to describe one topic or two. Let children choose their own poem topics. Encourage children to choose themselves as a topic.


Favorite sports, foods, vacation spots, and seasons are natural choices. Students themselves refer to the books from the list of materials, plus appropriate dictionaries and glossaries, as they engage in a word-sort activity that provides practice in the spelling changes that can occur when verbs are turned into gerunds.

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Let children choose their own poem topics. Follow the directions for the Diamante Poem by typing in two adjectives about Drought in Line 2 and three -ing words words ending in "ing" are called gerunds about Drought in Line 3. Bringing word study to intermediate classrooms. The poems can contrast what the children were like as babies or toddlers to the children today. Slipping, Sliding, Tumbling: Reinforcing Cause and Effect through Diamante Poems Lesson Introduction: Combine higher order thinking with creativity in this lesson that uses diamante poems to illustrate the phenomenon of cause and effect. The middle line the fourth can be seen as a link, where the writer makes the connection between the two. Click on the Restart button. Students define and identify instances of cause and effect to help them generate their own examples. In Line 4 list either four nouns or type a short phrase that link the two topics, Drought and Flood, together. Save your work! Materials and Resources: To teach this lesson, you will need: computers with Internet access and connection to a printer one classroom computer with projection capability for demonstration optional overhead projector optional. This deepens their understanding of how to make changes so it to fits individual lessons. In Line 5 type in three -ing words about Flood, and in Line 6 two adjectives about Flood.
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