Preparing for and taking exams essay

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Your professor will develop essay questions on the important topics stressed throughout the course lectures and discussions. How to Prepare for an Essay Exam Studying for an essay test requires a special method of preparation distinctly different from a multiple-choice test.

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Formulate a thesis that answers the question. Brainstorm possible essay questions with several other students who are also taking the course. Closely analyse the essay question s and underline all the key words.

If you have time at the end of the exam, go back and proofread your work and look over multiple-choice questions again. To avoid going off topic, stick to the outline as you write.

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Additionally, the midterm exam is a good indicator of how well you remember the information. Let's say the question asks you to compare and contrast what regime theory and hegemonic stability theory would predict about post-cold war nuclear proliferation. Then go back and study each topic with more detail for example, the major theories, key models, rules or facts. That is, they jot down a comprehensive list of concepts, formulas, vocabulary, and details at the beginning and revisit these ideas as they're progressing through the test. Address issues of spelling, grammar, mechanics, and wording only after drafting the essay. The key components of an answer to this question must include: A definition of the theories A brief description of the issue A comparison of the two theories' predictions A clear and logical contrasting of the theories noting how and why they are different In the exam Many students start writing furiously after scanning the essay question. This not only helps you plan an effective essay, it also helps you remember everything more effectively. Check the course outline and study guides distributed by your professor. Exam strategies Multiple choice In exams with multiple choice questions, often there is not much time for each question, for example one to two minutes. Do not spend time on extra ideas that may stray away from the purpose of the essay. Is it important? Write Strategically Writing that merely responds to the question no matter how accurately may garner only an average grade unless it is also successfully presented in other ways.

Memorize key events, facts, and names. For example, two or three different theories on the topic; the pros and cons of a particular approach to the topic; some evidence for your points of view; three different real-world applications of the topic.

You should also review these notes on a regular basis.

Preparing for and taking exams essay

Finally, if you have enough time, go back and look at some extra details on each topic for example, debates about the theories, specific studies and their methodologies. Include one item of information concept, detail, or example for every mark the essay is worth. Take the time to organize lecture notes after class, adding key examples from labs and course readings. If not, change the thesis. The last couple of years I have learned to incorporate strategies that work best for me, but there is always room for improvement and strengthening. Don't write at the end that you ran out of time, or did not have time to study because you were sick. Research shows that losing sleep to study makes you perform worse academically. A little discouraged and nervous. Write a topic sentence for each paragraph to clearly present your argument. Another simple way to conduct a mock test is to ask a friend or classmate to give you an oral quiz based on concepts in the textbook or in either of your notes. Find ways to apply materials from class.

Use review sheets thoroughly.

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Preparing for exams