Patient education plan for hypertension

See Prehypertension and hypertension: By the numbers.

Patient education plan for hypertension

Calcium channel blockers. Alpha-beta blockers. Teach your patients to avoid grapefruit juice because it inhibits the hepatic metabolism of calcium channel blockers and may lead to increased blood drug levels and increased pharmacologic effects.

Health education on hypertension in community

Community control of hypertension — Experiences from Finland. Nursing considerations Diuretics can increase serum glucose and cholesterol levels, so monitor patients with diabetes or high cholesterol levels. Season foods with herbs instead of salt when you cook. Canadian Hypertension Education Program. Teach patients to take their first dose at bedtime and to move slowly from a sitting to a standing position. Some decongestants can worsen high blood pressure. This is the pressure when the heart contracts. ARBs block the receptor for type 1 and thus inhibit vasoconstriction, aldosterone and antidiuretic hormone secretion, sodium and water retention, sympathetic nervous system stimulation, and cellular growth. Alpha blockers include doxazosin Cardura , prazosin Minipress and others. Your blood pressure treatment goal depends on how healthy you are. Controlling hypertension safely To help patients tame hypertension, you must know which antihypertensives they are taking, how the drugs work, and which adverse effects they can cause. People with chronic kidney disease may benefit from having an ACE inhibitor as one of their medications. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Nursing considerations Central adrenergic agonists pose a higher risk of orthostatic hypotension, so tell patients to be careful when rising to a standing position. These medications — including amlodipine Norvasc , diltiazem Cardizem, Tiazac, others and others — help relax the muscles of your blood vessels.

Suboptimal blood pressure management is estimated by the World Health Organization to be the leading risk factor for death 1. This is the pressure when the heart relaxes between beats.

health education on hypertension diet

Hours: 1. All calcium channel blockers should be used cautiously in patients with heart failure. See Teaching patients about their anti-hypertensives.

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Teaching patients to tame their hypertension