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HTC did not develop its own operating system and has a dependency on other companies.

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Each of these product lines can be further split into subgroups at the time of writing this assignment Samsung had 7 slider phones,4 QWERTY keyboards phones and 32 touch screen smart phones, 32 is a deep product line. Exhibit 1 illustrates the product lifecycle for the mobile device industry. Let us look at a few approaches and benefits to having technology present on your campuses and in your classroom. Network Connectivity The service provided by the telecom companies has also improved by several notches. These online stores sell the latest accessories available in the market at competitive prices and have, thus, become the most preferred distribution channel for buying smartphone accessories in India. Samsung has the best quality screen among all products. The use Smartphone, tablets, laptops there is an enormous amount of resources available not only for health but the user of these technological tools own. Besides that, Samsung company will come out the new devices and promote in the electronic fair days. Because the smartphone category is so intensive and competitive, four main competitors were selected to be analyzed and examined, focusing on the benefits, both rational and emotional, the points-of-parity and points-of-difference, and on the brand values in the competition against HTC. It will turn out whether there is relationship of country-of-origin affect purchase purpose in the surveies. That is why this survey is to prove the interrelatedness of purchase purpose with factor and country-of-origin. The other channel is indirect marketing channel which is the opposite of direct marketing channel.

About 80 per centum of people populating in the Malaysia between the ages of 20 and 49 owned or used a nomadic phone. When Christmas, Samsung company will also come out the casing with Santa picture.

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Adopting a new form of management proved to be a wise move for the company as its products made their way on the list of top must-haves in their various fields. Besides that, Samsung Company also using niche marketing strategy because Samsung has recognized a niche market for flip smart phone.

After Best Buy had its first net loss inthe company realized they were behind with Internet sales.

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Promotional pricing is temporarily reducing prices to increase short-run sales. Thus, Samsung has developed products such as smart phones or laptops which are easy to carry and light weight. Brand of nomadic phone is a factor will do consumer determination devising In Russian nomadic phone markets, at the terminal ofSiemens, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung held the top four places in the Russian Mobile phone market Shlykova,

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The popularity of the brand is largely due to the fact that Apple has complete control over which file formats, programming languages, and third-party applications can run on the device, allowing Apple to have complete control over the user experience. The first demographic market segmentation of Samsung is age segmentation which based on few stages of age such as teenagers, adult and old people. Competition among the market leaders is really acute. The product line length shows the number of different products in a product line. They are spending more carefully. Furthermore, it will assist them on placing the consumer buying behaviour. Threat of Substitute Products: Low Many products offer a variety of functions that overlap with a smartphone. In , Samsung Electronics was established producing what Samsung is most famous for, Televisions, Mobile Phones throughout 90's , Radio's, Computer components and other electronics devices. Political Environment The political environment consists of laws, government agencies and pressure groups that influence the limit various organizations and individuals in a given territory. He started by gathering a team to design their website to mitigate the visibility of game-based learning in the industry. Operating System Analysis Many customers choose their smartphones depending on the operating system. Samsung mostly target teenagers with Samsung tablet Personal computer pc or camera. Retailers will store the goods at a store and resells them to individual consumers. As a contrast to the business-oriented BlackBerry, the iPhone was introduced as a more media-centric smartphone. HTC brought the mobile device industry to a new level by combining entertainment, video, and personal assistant functions and embedding it into a device with high resolution, brilliant colors, and multiple connectivity features to integrate into users' daily routines.
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