Master thesis international economics degree

The programme has a strongly international approach and aims to integrate an understanding of theoretical controversies, historical developments and contemporary policy disputes. First, the UK is an important trading partner for Norway. This extends the regular period of study from three to four semesters.

master thesis international economics degree

Why UK is facing a severe credit crunch? Only the conductor of the survey and the academic staff will have access to your information.

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Applications are possible on a monthly basis. These questions are still debated and far from resolved.

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It has made many nations spread their business making investment at various places of the globe and this feature has made it an implausible dissertation topic as well. The university also welcomes about international summer school students every year.

His research has improved the tools for input-output analysis and these have been applied in such areas as international trade and environmental economics.

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The programme will also impart skills in independent academic working, intercultural communication as well as knowledge of at least one foreign language to the level of professional exchange. The credits are broken down into the following components: an in-depth economics section 24 credits , an economic specialisation section 42 credits , elective modules 18 credits , language modules 12 credits and a master's thesis 24 credits. Programme structure The master's programme in international economics is four semesters in length during which ECTS are completed. Course contents The first semester is dedicated to teaching the foundation courses Macro-economics, International Economics, Development Economics and Global Governance at a Master's level. He has published extensively and authored textbooks on international economics and economic geography. Their knowledge of and connections to active business life, public service organisations, non-profit organisations, multinational firms and smaller local companies are especially valuable in linking academic research with current issues and in arranging placements. Both German and English skills are required.

The survey asks about which modules you have already taken, your grades and the work unit chair you would like to be supervised by. Erik Dietzenbacher is an authority in the field of input-output analysis, including as president of the International Input-Output Association.

Talk about various repercussions for US sub-prime crises.

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International Economics (M.A.)