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Who is the voice of reason in Act 2?

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For example, in court, Abigail and the other girls pretend to be attacked by spirits and the people in court fear them to be in danger. After the confession of Tituba to witchcraft, she dares liberate herself from that guilt. Lyman has an ability to profit, and even his misfortunes swing to the cash too.

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We see the struggle in the Rev. The most obvious case is Abigail, who uses the situation to accuse Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft and have her sent to jail.

Here are some of its memorable quotations with a contextual explanation.

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Meanwhile, the protagonist, John Proctor, also seeks to keep his good name from being tarnished. Focused on maintaining public reputation, the townsfolk of Salem must fear that the sins of their friends and associates will taint their names. Is the setting real? What type of government existed in Colonial New England? A delay in his confession not only proves him a liar but also makes him the prime accused. One of the best literary pieces, The Crucible quotes are also memorable, universal and highly appealing. Worldliness - Ignorance vs. Social Pressures? He accepts his fault that having an affair was something wrong but he would not admit to consorting with Devil. Why does Danforth want Proctor to see Elizabeth? Plot is developed through conflict. In Jekyll's suicide note he makes the following observation " I have observed that when I wore How does Hemingway use literary techniques to create a sense of ambiguity in the reader in "Cat in the Rain"? Which characters favor ignorance? What is witchcraft?

I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus! She is also jealous of Elizabeth and wants to get rid of her to get John back. This quote shows the helplessness of John Proctor before the religious court.

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The Crucible Literary Devices