Is foreign aid is blessing or

In the New Partnership for African Development Nepadadopted by the Africa Union inAfrican nations have pledged themselves to principles and programmes of democracy, human rights, sound economic policies, investments in key sectors, and regional and sub-regional economic cooperation.

There are competing priorities and theories, such as those that argue for more investment in health and education, with statistics to back up the prospective impact on growth.

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A recent study by Unido found that if workers in landlocked countries of Africa worked for free, their goods would still not be competitive on the world market because of the high costs of transport.

Pakistan is obtaining foreign aid for bridging gap between domestic savings and investment and also to improve balance of payments position but till now it has not been able to accomplish this task, rather both gaps are continuously increasing.

Thus this is to be reveal here that all aid is not for economic rationales but also political. Major portion of aid particularly commodity aid is misappropriated by the concerned Government officials. So in a sense I think the bank will also allow emerging powers to develop new ideas and practices that are difficult to implement in the existing institutions.

Others have noted that investment in agriculture and food production declined steadily during the s, contributing to problems of hunger and malnutrition.

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Sometimes aid giving countries interfere in the defence and foreign affairs of Pakistan.

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Aid in Africa: Blessing or curse