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Human resource management is changing in a dramatic way in the 21st century. Employee sick leave, absenteeism and work related accidents cost the New Zealand economy and business close to 5 billion dollars annually Department of Labour, and is a major source of focus for a human resources departments.

A multiple-respondent survey of 69 Indian organizations was undertaken to study the impact of innovative HRM practices on firm performance.

Human Resource professionals are not only charged with the responsibility of protecting the intangible resources of their company but they must also respond to the personal and professional needs of its employees However, we believe that these challenges also create countless opportunities for HR and organizations as a whole Management once viewed the HR function as a more specialized clerical role.

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This focus is on examining theories of how and why human resource practices link together to increase business performance. Human asset administration HRM is connected with the work force strategies and administrative practices and frameworks that impact the workforce. SHRM- Focuses is on the needs of internal and external employees. Capital refers to the assets such as cash and goods deployed by an organization to generate income. The above-mentioned is all I knew about this major and this career before I came to the college When management is able to combine all of the above listed items they will at that point be able to maximize the companies overall mission Organisations must consider new ways of managing staff to handle these challenges. New skills must be identified and learned. Armstrong, Three main models are usually used to achieve high performance in the organization, which are the Universalist approach, Contingency approach and Resource Based View Human resource management is branch of administration that deals with individuals at work, it is concerned with the human measurements of administration of the organisation New performance indicators must be devised and implemented.

Well, the Indian public sector folks can be divided into three distinct categories - a crowd of picnickers, a group of mourners and an assortment of loners.

The evolution of Human Resource Management has taken the focal point off of the administrative side and gone more towards the operational side of HRM tasks and responsibilities Khan and Mushtaq The problem is one of correct diagnoses of the ailment, though the symptoms of the malady have shown up with sufficient clarity, and, needless to say, the ever eluding prescription for its cure.

This is specifically important in the public sector.

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