How to write a testimonial letter prospect

To write a persuasive testimonial, ask a client why they were hesitant to hire you. But before we share that, we want to outline some key concepts that this sales letter incorporates.

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Somehow I did manage to get a date, but only through the magic of the testimonial. Conclusion The concluding paragraph of a reference letter contains an offer to provide more information. You can use a template, but you should add personal and business-specific information whenever possible.

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Testimonial tip 4: Use the selling power of testimonials Too many websites hide their testimonials on a dedicated page that get rarely visited. Yet it still surprises me how many prospecting letters I see with drab, boring and uninspired headlines.

Template for a Generic Testimonial Request Letter Use this letter when requesting a testimonial from a client you may not know that well or have only done a small project for. Want to know how to write compelling testimonials instead? If there is a submission deadline, be sure to submit it prior to the due date.

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Sample Customer Testimonial Request Letter