How to write a speech hook

Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. To create this effect, you normally use a surprising statistic. You will need to start slowly and take them in gradually. You ask the audience to vote for one of the 3 options.

Three Ways to Capture an Audience Begin with a quotation from a master in the field you are speaking or writing about, or from an individual from popular culture.

They tend to listen to a speaker who opens with this type of information.

attention grabber examples for presentation

Therefore, you need a statistic that matches your presentation. We are beginning to lose market share and we have nothing in response. You can easily source jokes online if you do not have one.

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Making the slides for this kind of hook will be very easy because all they need to do is help the audience visualize the story. Because in two miles we were supposed to cross another river and we would get wet again.

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Hook examples: the 13 most successful presentation ideas ever