Historical remediation essay

Indeed, despite its fascinating examples, its clear and well-written historical and theoretical enframings, many things go wrong in this book.

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These, along with archaeological sites and monuments, make up the heritage sector. Software Takes Command. With this idea in mind, students need to also be entitled to be treated equally as well as with equity.

Remediation builds on two oppositional concepts: immediacy and hypermediacy.

Remediation has made huge impacts on the literary world over the past few generations by looking at the cultural rivalry between different technologies and the progression of those technologies. Future-oriented reporting can thus be considered to be equally driven by the changing media landscape in early s, not only by the U.

One may regret for instance that the global theory of Remediation is not even presented: it is taken for granted that this theory exists, that everybody knows and accept it, and that is does not need any further analysis in short: as if it had become perfect common knowledge or, to stay in the Barthesian terminology of Bolter and Gromala, a myth; if one were a follower of Charles Sander Peirce, one might say the Remediation theory functions as an unquestioned and unchallengeable "final interpretant," beyond any doubt, and even beyond the very consciousness.

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The Invisible computer. It does not suffice to postulate that digital art shows what graphic design is or should be today, one should also be able to produce actual examples of digital graphic design.

All this is definitely not the case, and for very good reasons.

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A Remediation's Remediation?