Essay on effects of poverty on indian economy

It its report, the Tendulkar Committee mentioned that the proposed poverty lines have been validated by checking the adequacy of actual private expenditure per capita near the poverty lines on food, education and health by comparing them with normative expenditures consistent with nutritional, educational and health outcomes.

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Absolute and Relative Poverty: Most of the time, the concept of poverty and its discussion is usually confined to absolute poverty. On the delivery of social services, he further argued that the delivery channel need not necessarily be through government administrative mechanism.

Essay on effects of poverty on indian economy

Here are the top diseases commonly linked to poverty. Accordingly, the total number of poor in the country has been estimated at Tribal people, Dalits and labour class including farm workers in villages and casual workers in cities are still very poor and make the poorest class in India.

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Tensions between social groups make it impossible to negotiate, make concessions and solve problems. Taking the same concept of poverty line of Rs 15 per month at prices for rural areas and Rs 20 per head per month for urban areas he estimated that In order to understand why this decline is occurring, one must first understand levels of poverty.

Effects of poverty in india

Accordingly, the rural poverty has declined to One of these pertains to the reduction in poverty ratio by five percentage points by by 15 percentage points by There cannot be a common definition of poverty which can be broadly accepted everywhere. Because children are dependent on others, they enter or avoid poverty by virtue of their family 's economic circumstances. The NSAP for the poor encompasses old age pension, family benefit in case of the death of the bread-winner and maternity benefits. Greed, injustice and inequality are the three sides of the triangle of poverty and wherever we see them, poverty is always there. The recomputed poverty estimates for the years and as recommended by the Tendulkar Committee have been accepted by the Planning Commission. After , this survey has been conducted in
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