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The language could provide an invaluable insight into their world view, their values system and their perception of the environment in which they live. This is a deviation of meaning itself.

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Nida gives another definition of the same word, pointing out that translation means finding the closest possible equivalent to the text, which is natural for the target language. Translators also have to make their text easy to read and make sure that readers will perceive the target text in a natural way. Here students have a chance to demonstrate their ability to analyze the context, and find equivalent constructions in different languages. Describe brief history of translation. Research Questions This study is devoted to common questions about translation between Indonesian and English. Rather than merely supplanting one form of words for another, the translator has the capacity to enhance our understanding of development issues and indigenous cultures by mediating ideas across cultural and national boundaries. The main goal of a translator here is to deliver the intention. Such a shift also occurs when the predicator and the subject switch their positions during translation from one language to another. Level Shifts This type of shifts implies transition from one linguistic level of the source language to another linguistic level in the target language. Furthermore, Translation Studies bridges the gap between literary history, linguistics, semiotics, and aesthetics

Officially African languages were supposed to be treated equally, but in practice nothing much was being done to popularise lesser known African languages.

These shifts occur naturally.

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In consequence, English has regularly become the only means of communication in everyday political, business and educational life. Adaptation Many people consider this method the freest approach to translation, since its aim is to create cultural conversions, without changing key features of the source text.

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Translations can therefore have a distinct effect on how global and human rights issues can be conveyed and communicated. Innovative Translating for Cultural Understanding Another example where translation facilitates the understanding of global South cultures is in the case of the newly discovered Koro language, an indigenous language that linguists have stumbled upon while researching Aka and Miji — two minority languages spoken in India. At this symposium Antije Krog, Rosalind C. Morris and Humphrey Tonkin are undertaking an initiative to promote the translation of African languages — such as Zulu or Xhosa — in order to spread a better knowledge of these cultures. Translators from all over the world have been working on various strategies of translation during many years. For example, students often choose certain types of shifts when they need to transfer meaning of two sentences written according to different grammatical structures. What is a word. Unit Shifts Here we must consider ranks of grammatical units. Linguists have expressed concerns over this endangered language spoken only by an estimated one thousand people, especially because of the fact that Koro does not have a written form Ibid. Every style, like official or spoken style, must be used appropriately. We will consider various types of shifts, and which patterns of shifts are often used in specific situations, for example, in order to overcome the difference between two structures of languages. Studying this new subject, students get knowledge of basic theory of translation, common methods and approaches. The field of Translation Studies engages us in an important research area that will revitalize the study of the arts and humanities. Thus, translator must be able to find equivalent phrases, to replace certain information with another, equivalent information, written in the target language. A translator translates every word of the source, writing words in the target language below the lines of the source.

Sources of Data Within Translation 2 test, students get thirty-five translated texts, which serve as a source of data. First subject should be studied in the fourth semester, and the second one — in the fifth semester.

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During the analysis, a translator considers the source, and then he or she translates it to the target language. Every style, like official or spoken style, must be used appropriately.

During this process, translation shifts occur due to divergences between grammatical structures, word classes, and other lexical features of two different languages.

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Their analysis must include analysis of sentences, words, and phrases. The second part of the Translation test consists of translation itself. Various languages represent different cultures, and ways of thinking. Translation offers us the experience and attitudes of another culture or from traditional language to modern language However it is a multiple stages creative and process. Research Methodology According to Larson, translation is a process of transferring meaning of the sentence from the source language to the target language. Free Translation Using this method of translation, the only goal is to deliver the meaning of the source clearly. The government has been ill prepared for a complex linguistic project where all the indigenous languages could coexist simultaneously on an equal basis. This type of shifts represents rank changing during the process of translation.
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