Essay about rainyday

It was a great experience. Things to Do On a Rainy Day If you have decided to postpone your prior engagements and to enjoy the rain, then there are actually plenty of things you can do to spend your own rainy day.

Essay about rainyday

I made my friend good bye and rushed for home. It was still raining. But out of all my favourite season is monsoon season or the rainy season. I felt relieved that there would be a respite from the hot weather. It was already the 15th day of August. It may cause discomfort to daily commuters, and abstain them from getting on time to wherever they are headed. Here much depends upon monsoon and rains. There is so much and so beautifully written about the scenic beauty of nature. The sky became clear.

The beauty of the rainy day is that it could also be enjoyed sitting in the comforts of your house in the company of family and friends.

Water collected in holes and small pools of water appeared everywhere. Rains offer the much needed respite from the hot weather.

A rainy day story

Water was dripping from the leaves of the trees as they moved in the light breeze. In the evening, there were more rains. At last, on the 25th of June, the rains came. It was 25th July. It is a treat for the senses. Getting up on a rainy day is like getting up with the beautiful sound of raindrops falling and a cool breeze buzzing past your ears. It was during the monsoon season, the month of July. White dress, as I like the contrast it gives, the dark weather and a white dress is a pretty combination and I love it. Dark clouds marching in the sky and showering the droplets of rain, trees rinsing and dancing with charming bliss, dark and gloomy day gleaming our hearts, frogs popping here and there, kids jumping with joy in the muddy pools of water, beautiful peacocks spreading feathers and dancing to compose an art attracting their mates, farmers sway with cheer and new hopes gleaming their eyes — everyone participates to celebrate the joy of rains. A rainy day in summer is a boon. This way you get hands on experience of the rain and also will enjoy it as well. Rainy day for them means a day full of fun.

Apart from the human population rainy day is also beneficial to flora and fauna of a place. My eyes sparkled with joy and I jumped off my seat to peep out of the window to enjoy the droplets of rain. Or maybe rains just create the poetic mood, the beautiful scenery, rainbows, background music of raindrops, hot cup of coffee everything inspires writers.

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