Current events to write about

Why are cooking shows like "Chopped" popular? How can we stop the world population from reaching 9 billion in ?

Current events to write about

What is the best way for coaches to identify the best talent in their specific sport? Does it result in fewer smokers in that city? Getting "off the grid" is a current trend. Get it done fast! Should an owner of a professional team be held accountable for comments he makes in a private conversation? How has life changed in Syria during the continued civil war? How has the influence of western medias hurt underdeveloped nations? Try to recount the article after reading it in order to figure out the main idea of the article. While many people do have sleep disorders and I even know a person who walks and talks in her sleep, but a person committing murder during their sleep. What is preventing the world from eradicating polio? Is there any scientific evidence it works? How have shows like "Project Runway" influenced fashion? Write your topic sentence that is the main idea of the article. How important is it to reduce the Federal budget deficit? It discusses precise points about the current events as the writer states her feelings about the article.

Can fan-owned teams solve sports problems? What is the best way parents can help develop their children's sports career? What is the difference between sports and entertainment?

This is a sample paragraph of a current events essay that describes the article and then states his perception of the event. Why do African nations have so many civil wars?

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Getting "off the grid" is a current trend. International Comparison Program data report on the comparison of the size of World Economies.

What is the evidence that our mind controls our body? Most current event essays follow the five-paragraph essay.

Should athletes protest racism in America by not participating in the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance?

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How to Write a Current Events Summary (with Pictures)