Computer science paper introduction

This will help you to formulate the abstract and keep your paper focussed.

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Problem motivation: precisely points to the problem addressed by the paper. Overall, this should be a short summary of the whole content of your paper, including results.

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A bad abstract may already move you towards the rejection side in the reviewer's decision process. A table of contents in a paragraph At the end of many introductions, I find an oozing cyst like this moribund specimen: This paper is organized as follows.

Computer science paper introduction

Future work: state your ideas of what you estimate could be done in the future in order to further improve on the addressed problem. I once read a paper in which the conclusions were an almost exact copy of the introduction, changing only the tense of the verbs. State of the art: describes the current state of the art in the area of your paper. Instead, I'm going to offer advice that will save you time: get to the point! I realize that the first priority of computer scientists and mathematicians is not literary artistry. A conclusion is about the implications of what the reader has learned. In your abstract, establish the context, motivate the problem, briefly describe the solution, and present the results of your work.

After reading a hundred or so papers, we unconsciously pick up the common patterns of the field and begin to imitate them. Massively parallel computers MPCscharacterized by their scalable architectures, are a viable platform on which to solve the so-called grand-challenge problems.

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This section is not mandatory, but may be useful for others in identifying interesting new research problems.

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