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Using technology to manage and improve processes, both within a company and externally with suppliers and customers, is the ultimate goal.

Examples are microcomputer systems, midrange computer systems, and large mainframe computer systems. Components of MIS and their relationship A management information system is made up of five major components namely people, business processes, data, hardware, and software.

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Information system resources

Support activities consist of procurement purchasing , human resource management, technological development and infrastructure. This will be achieved through analysing the business including its environment , formulate and check that it achieves its goals. Database consist of data that organized in structured way. Beginning in the late s, personal computers brought some of the advantages of information systems to small businesses and to individuals. International Journal of Information Management, 30, Regardless of the type of business that an organization engages in, the overall goal is to create value for the customers or clients as stated in the above section. Information systems have the capacity to help an organization into such a position. Information processing consists of input; data process, data storage, output and control.

Support activities consist of procurement purchasinghuman resource management, technological development and infrastructure. Business firms and other organizations rely on information systems to carry out and manage their operations, interact with their customers and suppliers, and compete in the marketplace.

components of management information system

The same information would not be appropriate for senior managers because they would have to process it again. Networks include communication media, and Network Support.

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From our definitions above, we see that these components collect, store, organize, and distribute data throughout the organization. This data is then used to create services and products that address the needs. The people component will be covered in chapter 9.

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Just think of the hundreds of facts needed to describe the characteristics of the car you want and its financing, or the details for even the simplest airline reservation. This is why Apple Inc. It provides a framework that emphasizes four major concepts that can be applied to all types of information systems: People, hardware, software, data, and networks are the five basic resources of information systems. However, it is better to view data as raw material resources that are processed into finished information products. Let's say you have a bank account and you would like to transfer money to another bank account that uses a different currency from yours. Beginning in the late s, personal computers brought some of the advantages of information systems to small businesses and to individuals. Individuals rely on information systems, generally Internet-based, for conducting much of their personal lives: for socializing, study, shopping, banking, and entertainment. In summary, these five components together make up the five component framework, which are the five fundamental components of an information system.
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5 Components of Information Systems