Compare and contrast the skills needed

Activity: Want Ad Pick two universal traits for ideal fathers, whether they come from the 17th, the 19th, or the 21st century. For example, one page compares the sap in a tree to the blood in the human body, and asks students to look at the veins on the back of a leaf and then on the back of their own hands.

Once students understand this structure, compare-contrast texts can be used to help young students make connections between new content and their own background knowledge and experiences. In what situations do you feel comparison works well?

compare and contrast misconceptions

Benjamin chimes in and says, "Halloween! In Are Trees Alive? Once they've gone through this once with you, they can reproduce it every time they are faced with the question of what digital tool best fits a project.

Spreadsheets are used to simplify numbers, often part of a bigger reporting method.

Compare and contrast activities

Figure 4: Word card Compare-contrast instruction makes a difference Although we have focused on ELL students, all young learners can benefit from the strategies we have described. When we think of students reading a text, we must ensure we recognize that texts can be visual and audio in nature too. In this way, students have the opportunity to make an immediate and concrete connection between what they are learning and themselves. Employee advancements, pay raises, hiring, and firing are typically conducted using comparison and contrast. To prepare, you should do the following things before you move on: Keep an eye out for students who use comparative thinking in your classroom. Williams, J. It also focuses students' attention in preparation for the lesson ahead. Due to the length and amount of detail provided in this book, it is probably most appropriate for ELLstudents in the middle grades. I start this in 1st grade, when students have used both software and online tools and likely don't realize they're completely different tools. Activity: Reflecting on Section 1 1. Finally, your group will share what you have learned about the two types of animals with the class. The students in this group were considered on-level readers based on district and state-mandated assessments, were not receiving any supplemental support or instruction in reading outside of their regular mainstream classroom, and were able to read many of the narrative selections in the school's adopted reading program without difficulty. To teach contentspecific vocabulary, teachers may choose a small number of content-specific words to focus on during their explicit vocabulary instruction.
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Teaching Compare and Contrast