College dorm april fools pranks

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She started to tear up on the spot as well as tell me that she was two weeks late in receiving her monthly gift. You could go with bananas, apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, or even go big with grapefruits. Share College dorm life is arguably the best and worst time in your life.

University april fools pranks

Go Pop Star Just pick a pop star they would love to have plastered all over their stuff and go to town. An alternative to the wrap it up is a bit more evil, but a lot more devious. As expected, the police came to their room and were knocking and yelling on the door with this supposed man was. A haunted computer is always a great prank. It might be a struggle to get a whole bed out the door, but clothes, shoes, desk, chairs and so forth can easily be stuck out there for all to pass and see. Repeat it two or three times so you can see the real irritation on everyone else's face who is using the fridge. If they have a girlfriend, oh yeah this will get them good. Does Their Major Require Typing?

Bieber is always a favorite. More details here and here. Share your tips for pranks in comments!

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His dorm was infamous for having giant water bugs scattered in the halls, so naturally he thought it would be a good idea to gather the dead ones and send them via mail to his siblings.

After much research and two semesters lurking in freshmen dormswe've compiled a list of the top 10 pranks to pull on your new roommate.

College roommate pranks

Take a bunch of grapes and put one grape on everything in the fridge, including bottles, cold meat packets, juice cans, beer cans, butter and everything else there is in the middle of the night. Ask your victim to let you crack 3 eggs for their head for dollars. Set the am wake up alarm in the victim's alarm clock and hide it in the corner of the closet and remember to sleep in your room. Instead of the directions inside a box, it was a slip of paper that read "April Fools! Even if they are the fastest and loudest typer in school, it will boggle their mind. But April Fool is a great time to mess with their heads and their stomachs. Just make sure whomever you're pranking wouldn't get actually angry that you touched their stuff … 5. This is Hardcore This can get ugly fast so you need some finesse. After browsing the ten billion ideas Google has to offer, this is definitely one of the coolest. Then leave the room with a big smile on the face. Check it out! If it can be taped to the ceiling out of reach — perfect! The Wrap It Up Prank Are you familiar with the joy of unwrapping a present on your birthday or over the holidays?

Fill the Halls with Fruit Not on the ground silly, but hanging from clear cords or strings.

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14 April Fools Day Pranks for College