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Temple and Captain Eldridge. As for the letter, La Rue plays upon the visible affection that Charlotte has for Montraville.

Charlotte temple

One day, Mademoiselle La Rue brings Charlotte along on a visit to one of her suitors. The friendship that appears in Charlotte Temple between Mrs. Still unpublished at the time of her death, it would first go to press in as Charlotte's Daughter, or, The Three Orphans, but later editions would simply bear the daughter's name as title, Lucy Temple.

She ultimately convinces Charlotte that no harm can come from looking at the letter because Montraville will obviously be sent to America and possibly die very soon in war.

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As they cut through a field to get to the suitor's house, they are waylaid by Montraville, who has been looking for a way to see Charlotte again, and Belcour. However, Charlotte rebuffs him. Sources[ edit ] Charlotte's seducer and Lucy's father, John Montraville, was apparently based in part on John Montresora first-cousin of the author, though there are also reflections of a then-current story about General John Burgoyne.

Charlotte feels great shame when Crayton introduces her as Montraville's mistress.

Her parents decide to receive her, her father even goes to New York to come get her. In a revolutionary, modernizing society like North America, what is our proper relation to the past, to authority, to parents? Temple pays off Mr. Rowson, Susanna. But the now wealthy woman pretends not to even know her for fear of her husband discovering the role she played in the girl's downfall. There, she goes into labor, but becomes ill again after having the baby. Charlotte is a well-meaning but indecisive young woman. He bribes Mademoiselle La Rue to allow Charlotte to see him again. After Charlotte's death, Montraville kills Belcour to avenge her, and lives a melancholy life with Julia. Temple goes to America to fetch her and the child and bring them back. When they arrive, Crayton introduces Charlotte and La Rue to his daughter by his dead first wife , Mrs. They take a walk in the town of Chichester and see the beautiful Charlotte Temple , a fifteen-year-old boarding school student, leaving church.

They decide that they will forgive her and welcome her back into the family when she comes back. She goes to visit Mrs.

One day he was asked to help an honorable man in debtor's prison, Captain Eldridge. But the now wealthy woman pretends not to even know her for fear of her husband discovering the role she played in the girl's downfall. Belcour tells Montraville that Charlotte has been unfaithful to him, and cements this by sneaking into bed with Charlotte while she is taking a nap and allowing Montraville to catch them that way. I am not altering what I originally wrote, unless it provides more clarity. Beauchamp begins "to hope she might recover, and, spite of her former errors, become an useful and respectable member of society", but the doctor tells her that nature is only "making her last effort" [6] Just as Charlotte is lying on her deathbed, her father arrives and Charlotte asks him to take care of her child. In fact, Clara does not really have a female friend to assist her from her downfall. Eldridge went into debt to help his son, George, get started in the Navy, and was taken advantage of by his cruel creditor, Mr. Charlotte is a well-meaning but indecisive young woman.
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