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In addition a penalty of identical amount, stands imposed upon the applicant.

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Severe eye irritation has occurred in workers manufacturing dimethoate. With this background, we have heard Ms.

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Subsequently, they were brought to the factory and were used in the manufacture of air conditioners which were cleared on payment of duty.

It will decompose rapidly when heated to temperatures above 80 degrees C, creating the possibility of explosion.

Satat evam vyapak mulyankan in hindi

Countering the arguments, ld. The statements of their employee, Ku. Shower with soap and water. Adults in this study exhibited reduced weight gain, but their survival was not affected. It is used against a wide range of insects, including aphids, thrips, planthoppers and whiteflies on ornamental plants, alfalfa, apples, corn, cotton, grapefruit, grapes, lemons, melons, oranges, pears, pecans, safflower, sorghum, soybeans, tangerines, tobacco, tomatoes, watermelons, wheat and other vegetables. Severe poisoning will affect the central nervous system, producing incoordination, slurred speech, loss of reflexes, weakness, fatigue, involuntary muscle contractions, twitching, tremors of the tongue or eyelids, and eventually paralysis of the body extremities and the respiratory muscles. These rats also developed chronic kidney problems Environ.

Following exposure by any route, other systemic effects may begin within a few minutes or be delayed for up to 12 hours. If the cholinesterase level falls below a critical point, no further exposure should be allowed until it returns to normal Dimethoate is not irritating to the eyes of lab animals.

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Only a single challan has been found physically and seized from the premises of the assessee-Appellants as well 3 A. It proves that they have kept the production within the prescribed limit of SSI Exemption by showing the lower value on the vouchers or sometimes selling the goods without any vouchers.

Bansal, learned DR for the Department, justified the impugned order.

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Dimethoate has been administered to livestock for control of botflies. Firefighters exposed to fumes of burning dimethoate have developed eye irritations A. Other effects reported in workers repeatedly exposed include impaired memory and concentration, disorientation, severe depressions, irritability, confusion, headache, speech difficulties, delayed reaction times, nightmares, sleepwalking and drowsiness or insomnia. These may include pallor, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, headache, dizziness, eye pain, blurred vision, constriction or dilation of the eye pupils, tears, salivation, sweating, and confusion. It will decompose rapidly when heated to temperatures above 80 degrees C, creating the possibility of explosion. Both of these symptoms should rapidly clear up Grant. At the same time, penalty of Rs.
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