Business presentation topics esl students

Sharks should be protected.

Business presentation topics esl students

What is often discussed at your meetings? If you were terminated, what would you do? What kind of marketing is successful in your country? An important lesson I've learned. We should protect endangered animals. Find out more about teaching functional language in our teacher development module Understanding functional language. Business presentations offer the English language learner the opportunity to practice communication skills essential to business success. An experience with a bully. Marijuana should be legal for recreational use nationwide. You could ask things like: Do you have performance reviews in your company? What do you think is the future of business trips? Investing Investing is an important topic that many business English students know a fair deal about, depending on their business. FluentU takes real-world videos and turns them into personalized language learning lessons for you and your students. What kind of marketing does your company use? How competitive are you in general?

They may even dream of becoming leaders themselves. The best letter of the alphabet.

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Do you like meetings at work? How to impress your parents.

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Elderly citizens on fixed incomes should receive free bus rides. How does your company handle these risks? Lyrics in a song can impact our lives. How can your company overcome the competition? People should stay married for life. I usually say that each student has to talk about their slide for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the level. Each group has to choose a current controversial issue like environmental pollution, suicide, North Korea and make a poster that had English writing and some interesting pictures on it.

Set a low max number of words or your posters will be terrible and filled with wordy death! I find it's a good idea to let students in on the assessment process by setting them a peer observation task.

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What qualities make a good manager?

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ESL Topics for Business Presentations