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Such external barriers may be a semantic barriers, b emotional or psychological barriers. Lack of proper incentive: Lack of incentive to communicate also prevents the subordinates from communicating upward.

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As communication is basically an interpersonal process many personal factors inherent in the two parties to communication the sender and the receiver, influence the flow of communication and present many hurdles in the way of effective communication.

Unwillingness to communicate The subordinates generally are not willing to communicate upward any information which is likely to affect them adversely.

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Feedback: There is a need to give feedback to the employees on their achievements to the departments on their performance and to the higher management on the fulfilment of goals; and difficulties encountered in the communication of feedback helps in taking corrective measures and making necessary adjustments and it motivates people in developing challenging and realistic plans.

Formal network. It should be recognised that informal communication is as important as the informal organisation and that it is not identical with false rumour.

Some factors like attitude lack of time applicable to the superiors are also applicable here.

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Effective Business Communication Assignment Sample