An analysis of the causes and effects of world war two

Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in However, the trade restrictions were not carried out because they would have little effect. The alliances were supposed to assist Germany in case of any slightest provocation by the Allied powers.

Maznevski et al. One aim of the paper is to illustrate how such retrospective life data can further our understanding of effects of early-life conditions as affected by large external shocks, such as a war.

Violence, death and aggression took place in the s and s in certain European nations. However, they were often very reluctant to do so. The League was also not quick to take action against aggressive countries such as Germany and Italy.

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German armies had not been defeated in the field, he held; rather, they had been betrayed by an assortment of corrupt politicians, Bolsheviks, and Jewish interests who sabotaged the war effort for their own gain. References Axelrod, A. A World at Arms.

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The Germans believed that the Terms were too harsh on them. Many Germans felt that the German government had agreed to an armistice based on this understanding, while others felt that the German Revolution of — had been orchestrated by the "November criminals" who later assumed office in the new Weimar Republic. Reparations from Germany were necessary to stabilize the French economy. The United States never joined, which lessened the power and credibility of the League—the addition of a burgeoning industrial and military world power might have added more force behind the League's demands and requests. The League was also supposed to apply economically suctions on countries that were aggressive. The League was also not quick to take action against aggressive countries such as Germany and Italy. Germany was barred because it was responsible for the outbreak of First World War. Unable to act quickly The Council of the League of Nations only met four times a year and decisions had to be agreed by all nations. To begin with, as a result of forcing Germany to sign a treaty that seemed unfair, this country was forced to develop its military might as the first step towards reinstating its territories that had been taken away as reparation for the damage it caused in the First World War Axelrod, Periods of hunger became more common even in relatively prosperous Western Europe. In March , he sent his troops to Austria to accomplish his expansionist mission Koster,

Hitler offered the German people an alternative explanation for their humiliating defeat in the Great War. This paper is divided into six sections. We also collected external data on casualties, timing and location of combat action, yearly GDP by country, population movements, and male-female population ratios.

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