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However, initiation of IRB review, if necessary or applicable, is strongly encouraged to assure timely commencement of research.

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Entities Foreign Institutions are not eligible to apply. Investigators choosing to share under their own auspices may wish to enter into a data-sharing agreement.

For additional information on review of the Human Subjects section, please refer to the Guidelines for the Review of Human Subjects.

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Pre-award costs are NOT allowed. Should qualifying exams be completed prior to submitting an R36 proposal?

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In addition, the letter must: Certify that the dissertation grant application reflects the planned dissertation work to be conducted by the Candidate; Certify that the Candidate has completed all other necessary requirements for completion of the doctorate degree, other than the dissertation proposal defense. Not be recipients of mentored career development awards. Is there a strong scientific premise for the project? Harnessing data and technology to improve health care quality and patient outcomes and to provide a degree view of the patient. How responsive is the application to the special eligibility criteria, including the project requirements, noted in the FOA? The only exception allowable will be the completion of required clinical internships that follow completion of the dissertation. However, initiation of IRB review, if necessary or applicable, is strongly encouraged to assure timely commencement of research. Level of Effort: The candidate must devote at least 40 hours per week to the dissertation for a minimum of nine months beginning at the time of award. Innovation Is the dissertation project original and innovative? The requested start date of award must be estimated to begin no less than eight months from the submission date. Candidates are encouraged to address health services research issues critical to AHRQ priority populations, including: individuals living in inner city or rural including frontier areas; low-income and minority groups; women, children, the elderly; and individuals with special health care needs, including those with disabilities and those who need chronic or end-of-life health care. The above lists of allowable and unallowable costs are not all-inclusive, and the applicant should contact AHRQ grants management staff regarding any other items being considered for which there are questions regarding allowability. Are the institutional support, equipment and other physical resources available to the investigators adequate for the project proposed? Applicants who are planning to share data should describe briefly the expected schedule for data sharing; the format of the final dataset; the documentation to be provided; whether or not any analytic tools also will be provided; whether or not a data-sharing agreement will be required and, if so, a brief description of such an agreement including the criteria for deciding who can receive the data and whether or not any conditions will be placed on their use ; and the mode of data sharing e. Organizations must submit applications to Grants.

In accordance with its legislative dissemination mandate, AHRQ purposes may include, subject to statutory confidentiality protections, making project materials, databases, results, and algorithms available for verification or replication by other researchers.

Does the project develop or employ novel concepts, approaches or methodologies, tools, or technologies for this area?

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AHRQ Grants for Health Services Research Dissertation Program (R36)