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Marx and Engels refrained from developing concrete concepts of the possible forms of freedom in a socialist society; today, such restraint no longer seems justified.

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Work cited: Marcuse, Herbert. The surrealist thesis, according to which the poet is the total nonconformist, finds in the poetic language the semantic elements of the revolution. The senses must learn not to see things anymore in the medium of that law and order which has formed them; the bad functionalism which organizes our sensibility must be smashed.

The freedom of the imagination is thus restrained by the order of the sensibility, not only by its pure forms space and timebut also by its empirical content which, as the object-world to be transcended, remains a determining factor in the transcendence.

Every machine is constituted within a web of social, political, economic meaning, an ensemble of social relations. The Great Refusal takes a variety of forms. The modifications in the structure of capitalism alter the basis for the development and organization of potentially revolutionary forces.

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An Essay on Liberation by Herbert Marcuse