A discussion on the establishment of a democratic government in iraq

The commitment of Iraqi parties to elections is not so much an outcome of their internalization of democratic values as their inability to singlehandedly dominate the system through other means.

is iraq a democracy

Despite the experience acquired by its staff, the institution failed to act proactively and position itself as a trustworthy and neutral actor. Iraqi parliamentary election, [ edit ].

The system of government in Iraq today is far more pluralistic and open in comparison, but stymied by mutual mistrust between rival political groups: Power of the Prime Minister: The most powerful politician of the first decade of the post-Saddam era is Nuri al-Maliki, a Shiite leader who first became prime minister in The parliament also chooses the president of the republic, who has few real powers but who can act as an informal mediator between rival political groups.

It is marked with deep divisions over the power of the executive, disputes between ethnic and religious groups, and between centralists and advocates of federalism.

Elections to parliament are relatively free and fairwith a solid voter turn-out, though usually marked by violence. Political parties existed, even in the opposition, and dissent and disagreement were generally tolerated. The more difficult question will be how to make it happen.

Iraqi parliamentary election, December [ edit ] Main article: December Iraqi parliamentary election Iraqis in the predominantly Sunni city of Husaybahwait in lines to vote during the national election.

Parties did not publicly reveal the amount of their donations or their sources. There are no clear applicable rules organizing campaign funding, which often plays to the advantage of established parties and their business networks and partners. The most powerful political office—even more so than the president—is that of prime minister, who heads the Council of Ministers.

Kurdish-controlled territories are rich in oil, and division of profits from oil exports is a major stumbling block in relations between KRG and the central government in Baghdad. Turnout was high

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Is Iraq a Democracy?