A description of the market structure as the competitive environment where the sellers of certain pr

For example, the market for cereals is a monopolistic competition.

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If the price is high, the firm will sell a reduced quantity in an elastic market. Table 1 Overview of regulatory reforms in the Slovak healthcare sector.

Perfect competition market structure

How intense is competitive action, can it be countered? So the sellers become the price setters to a certain extent. Who wrote this essay? These results point to considerable effects on competition, even from having only a second firm enter the market. Most helpful essay resource ever! Against these are the arguments that, because of its power over the marketplace, the monopoly is likely to exploit the consumer by restricting production and variety or by charging higher prices in order to extract excess profits; in fact, the lack of competition may eliminate incentives for efficient operations, with the result that the factors of production are not used in the most economical manner. There are other determinants of market structures such as the nature of the goods and products , the number of sellers, number of consumers, the nature of the product or service, economies of scale etc. Abraham et al. Market performance refers to the end results of these policies—the relationship of selling price to costs, the size of output, the efficiency of production, progressiveness in techniques and products, and so forth. Essays may be lightly modified for readability or to protect the anonymity of contributors, but we do not edit essay examples prior to publication. Consequently, each type of firm benefits from the presence of the other. So in the case of an oligopoly, the buyers are far greater than the sellers. Literature review Given the increasing significance of the healthcare sector, it is not surprising to find a large number of empirical studies analysing the determinants of market structure i. Monopoly and competition. Supplier power: what is the power of suppliers in this industry?

What is the likely possibility of this and what is its impact? But they all do not sell homogeneous products. While the entry of physicians into local markets is free from restriction, pharmacy entry is regulated: there is a maximum number of pharmacies allowed in an area, based on the local population.

While this might be a plausible assumption in some sparsely populated rural regions, 2 the high population density in many European countries raises doubts concerning the assumption of perfectly isolated regional markets.

While there is no clarity about the number of firms, dominant firms are considered the norm. Who wrote this essay?

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Types of Market Structures: Oligopoly, Monopoly, Perfect Competition etc.