A case study about religious beliefs and divorce in the field of the british family law

In the following section interview excerpts from legal practice in a private law firm provide an illustration of the phenomenon.

Causes of divorce in sociology

Most faiths have teachings that encourage healthy behaviors and discourage conduct that is self-destructive; they also provide moral guidance about sexuality. Regnerus reports that participation in religious activities is related to better test scores and heightened educational expectations among tenth-grade public school students. Lacking the social ties provided by marriage, single individuals, especially those who are raising children, could potentially derive important benefits from the support that religious institutions can provide. Journal of Health and Social Behavior. Children who grow up in intact two-parent families also tend to have better mental health than their counterparts who have experienced a parental divorce. They have fewer physical problems and a lower risk of death from various causes, especially those with a behavioral component; the health benefits are generally larger for men Ross et al. The fact that they gain added value remuneration as well as recognition as experts by offering both English family law and Islamic legal services can be seen as a reflection of how British Muslims have to navigate between different legal fields when arranging their private lives. From the perspective of children, the mutual help that parents give to each other is part of the setting that provides advantages to youths who grow up in married-couple households. They find that the likelihood of violence by males increases when the male is substantially more conservative in beliefs about the inerrancy and authority of the Bible than his female partner. Analysis of data from the General Social Surveys of —96 shows that, other factors held constant, the likelihood that a respondent would report being happy with life in general is substantially higher among those who are currently married than among those who have never been married or have been previously married; the magnitude of the gap has remained fairly stable over the past 35 years and is similar for men and women Waite There is a long history of interest in Sharia in European scholarship. Complementary programs to address problems of depression and drug use may also help, on this as well as other fronts Lehrer et al. Social integration and support The argument for benefits from marriage stemming from its integrative influence runs as follows.

For other relationships, such as the effect of religious involvement on mental health, the evidence is not as strong. The positive association between religious involvement and longevity is accounted for in part by this channel Strawbridge et al.

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As we continue to advance our knowledge in each of these fields, it will be helpful to integrate them to a much larger extent than has been done to date. They find that the likelihood of violence by males increases when the male is substantially more conservative in beliefs about the inerrancy and authority of the Bible than his female partner.

At a minimum, it would be useful if researchers who are focusing on issues pertaining to marriage would include a richer set of controls for religion, and vice versa. This broad base of social ties can be a rich source of positive role models, confidants, useful information, and reinforcement of values that promote educational achievement.

British-Muslim family law What can be called British-Muslim family law is porous but involves a distinct field of actors, institutions, practices, scripts and discourses within which Muslims in the UK create and maintain themselves as British-Muslim subjects. There is also evidence that certain forms of religious beliefs and practices may not be beneficial for mental and physical health.

In addition, personal faith can provide a sense of meaning that tends to reduce helplessness and heighten optimism. Muslims march for Sharia law zones in the UK.

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The Benefits from Marriage and Religion in the United States: A Comparative Analysis