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These issues may be complicated in polygamous households, where there often is rivalry among co-wives. Animal models point to the role of the neuropeptide oxytocin in facilitating various social behaviors such as maternal attachment and pair bonding Zak et al. Wrote the paper: ML. Available data suggests that some countries e. New York: Wiley; The division of labor between men and women in the household was such that women often engaged in non-remunerable field work with few economic resources, and their household duties during pregnancy were not alleviated by either their husbands or the other members of polygamous households. Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes. Although the adverse health impact of job loss e. People who live in small power distance countries feel free to display negative emotions to social superiors without fear of retaliation. The research assistants were a female nurse and a male community development worker who had mastery of the two local languages Mandinka and Wolof and had experience in data collection. A study of Cameroonian women reported that although women were generally worried about their health, the cultural background of gender roles blinded them from recognizing their right to maintaining good health [ 22 ]. Discussion Results confirm that cultural factors are the most important predictors of frequency and social desirability of negative emotions. Previous studies indicate structural factors, including lack of financial or economic resources, transportation, and delivery supplies, lack of coordination and referral between TBAs at the community level and facilities can all inhibit women from using facility-based services [ 9 , 12 — 15 ]. All focus group discussions were conducted as homogeneous groups.

Measures of Subjective Well-Being. Childhood illness can in turn truncate the educational and occupational mobility of the affected individuals. Wilson, R.

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Paez, D. Emerg Infec Dis. Strong uncertainty avoidance cultures stress formal rules and social control.

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The data collection process for both the FGDs and IDIs was based on the principle of saturation [ 4445 ] and was conducted during August and Septemberwith two research assistants recording all the discussions.

FGDs for pregnant women were organized separately based on type of pregnancy care currently used.

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All these results confirm that in cultures with high power distance, subjects may be less emotional expressive because in such cultures the social expression of negative emotions is non-normative. Growing research, utilizing multilevel study designs, has conceptualized economic status as an attribute of neighborhoods Kawachi and Berkman, Both antenatal clinic and TBA clients seek biomedical care during the initial stages and endorsed it as ideal for safety purposes and emergencies:. The causal pathways linking income to health are likely to be different from those linking education to health. The type of society for example, patriarchic or traditional a woman lives in and the gender norms and values within the society determine her status within the community and household, thereby inhibiting women access to health care [ 20 ]. Polygamous women are also less likely to obtain treatment for which a monetary fee is required [ 55 ]. Taifa-Kwabenya was selected because it is a developing community. Social ties and mental health.
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